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Common Vision Disorders That Could Be Holding Your Child Back In School

If your child aces the eye chart at the pediatrician's office, you might assume her vision is just fine. But some common vision disorders can't be detected by a standard eye exam -- and could be holding your child back in school. When Jennifer Stone Hopp's son Ethan was in first grade, his teacher told her that he had "all the tools to read," but he "just wasn't pulling it together." When Hopp and her ... Read more

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Visual Disorders, Anxiety, Depression and School Performance

Anxiety and depression in your child may be the result of a visual disorder. The physical, mental, and emotional changes that are going on at this age make it difficult to manage a disorder they usually don't even know they have. Compensation, and particularly in school, is much more successful at a younger age, a much simpler time in their lives. Intelligent, bright children study for hours and still struggle. They often feel that no ... Read more

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Communication and Conflict

I often work with couples and families. One major issue is the way people talk to each other. The choice of responses sets up conflict before either party knows what happened.   Let me give you an example with Joe and Jane.  Joe attempts to address a behavior in Jane that bothers him. Jane responds with some thing like, "What about you?" or "You do it too" or "I don't do it that much." In first two instances, the behavior ... Read more

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Anger, Everybody’s Got Some

Often people come to me and they say they have an anger problem. They often tell me they are just like one of their parents, they inherited this. Did you know that there is no anger gene? Anger is a learned behavior and as long as you practice getting angry you will be very good at it. Anger is not a "get out of jail free" card allowing you to say whatever you want to say and behave in ... Read more

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